KlearNow offers customs agents an unparalleled tool to increase the accuracy, efficiency and speed of customs declarations. All of which results in more business for you.

  • Document Classification
  • Visual Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Let our AI work for you

  • US, Canada, UK Customs Certified
  • Single Data Source – All Partners
  • Carrier-Agnostic End-To-End Visibility
  • 50-80% Savings in Time and Money

More Customers, More Revenue

  • By joining our network, KlearNow brings hundreds of qualified customers to you
  • AI and cloud-based processing enables you to clear entries much faster than before
  • Automated weekly payment reduces time chasing down receivables so you can focus on servicing more customers

Work Anywhere, Anytime

  • Full transaction capability on any smart device - accept new customers, work on existing entry summaries, clear transactions at lightning speed without faxes or terminals
  • Real-time communication with customs and customers lets you address issues immediately, before they become problems
  • Intelligent document management - find any document, answer any inquiries in minutes

Let AI work for you

  • State-of-the-art, intuitive design, no IT expense, zero integration costs
  • AI-driven platform eliminates mistakes - no more chasing down data entry errors - the right data pulled every time


How does KlearNow positively impact my business?

Historically we see that a customs entry job took hours now a customs broker can clear it in less than 10 mins. Using our platform, we provide speed and accuracy to your business using Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology and bring business to you

What is required to become a customs broker on your platform?
  • Complete KlearNow’s customs broker questionnaire and interview to confirm mutual fit
  • Execute broker agreement and onboarding documents
What is the cost of the platform?

KlearNow does not charge to use the platform

Would I need to my broker deferment to outlay duties and taxes on behalf of importers?

The KlearNow platform supports all deferment scenarios; importer, broker or split. Our direction is to insist that all importers setup and maintain their own deferment accounts. There may be some scenarios where an importer may have a need to use a broker deferment account – these situations will be handled individually with the broker

Can I bring my current customer(s) onto the platform?

Yes, brokers recognize the technology advantages in converting existing business to a more efficient process

If I were to bring my customers onboard what’s the process?

Customers will need to complete a same day onboarding process

How do I get paid, how much and when?
  • You get paid weekly based on jobs completed for the prior week via ACH into your designated account
  • The amount per job is a flat fee agreed upon at the time of agreement
How do I get assigned a job?
  • KlearNow will coordinate with you to obtain the required documents and connect you with customers
  • Shipments will be assigned to you and ready for processing upon logging to the platform

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