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Supply chains simplified with smart Logistics as a Service

Turn daunting logistics paperwork into powerful data to track your shipments.

  • • Digitally track multiple and multi-leg shipments
  • • Move more goods through customs and drayage bottlenecks with a few clicks
  • • Bring truckers and warehouse personnel to the right place at the right time

Be in the Know...

Visibility is more than knowing where your cargo is... we provide you means to address the exceptions!

Know WHY your goods are stuck at customs

When you have the reasons why, it’s easy to do something about it

Know WHEN your goods are going to get to you

When you have the knowledge of when, it’s easy to optimize the workforce and avoid demurrage fees

See it—Clear it—Move it

Automate essential import logistics processes with KlearNow’s AI-enabled cloud-based software platform.

View It All
  • Access trade information from anywhere
  • Never need to ask, "Where's my stuff?"
  • Eliminate manual entry errors and email clutter
  • Critical shipment information is searchable anywhere, anytime
Save Time
  • Connect truckers to shipments instantly
  • Clear customs exceptions faster
Avoid Costs
  • Detailed information about pick-up windows to control added costs and better planning of warehouse resources
Sign Up & Go
  • No software to install
  • No upfront fees
Improve Service
  • Delight customers and stakeholders with up to date shipment status


KlearNow Customs

Digital customs clearance with end-to-end shipment and transportation visibility

  • Consolidated view of customs activities and multi-leg shipments on one platform
  • Clear customs exceptions quickly
  • Automated customs–US, UK, CA (and more soon)

KlearNow Drayage

Schedule | Transport | Track & Trace | Invoice

  • Connecting truckers to shipments just at the right time with KlearNow Trucker Mobile App
  • Last mile visibility for efficient warehouse planning and increased customer satisfaction
  • Real-time demurrage clock to avoid unnecessary fees


The logistics industry has changed, digitization and collaboration between various parties have not.

By combining AI technology with a cloud-based platform you can now do more business, at a lower cost with full transparency from any smart device 24 hours a day.

  • One flat fee reduces costs by 30-50% – every transaction
  • No hidden pricing and zero IT integration costs
  • Includes customs clearance
  • Real-time visibility to all your shipments
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Customs Broker
Customs Broker
  • AI and ML data ingestion, stop keying lines
  • Clearance in minutes, increased entries per hour, digitized process built for speed, accuracy, and compliance
  • Cloud-based platform - work from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time tracking of all customer shipments and entry statuses
  • Zero set-up fees, transmission fees, or user licenses fees
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Freight Forwarder
Freight Forwarder
  • Document digitization – AI enabled technology for speed, accuracy & compliance
  • Superior compliance and system of record provided to your end customers
  • Digital sharing throughout shipment journey including visibility, status updates and documents, reducing your inbound calling volume
  • Audit trail of communications between your customer and customs broker
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KlearNow's smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) automates essential B2B import logistics processes with its AI-enabled cloud-based platform

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KlearNow powers supply chains with CLARITY and AGILITY